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Broken Arrow, OK
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   This lovely couple asked me to come over and give them a quote for carpet and tile cleaning, but she wasn't sure if the carpet should be  disposed of instead because it was So dirty? I told her to lay her concerns aside and to see what my carpet cleaning equipment can do.  When she got back to the house, she was So amazed! She sent out these photos the next day to me.  Thank you for sharing these photos!

  This business executive from TulsaIM called me to come over and clean his new home for his family.  He was So impressed that he requested that I take a video of his testimonial and post it online.   Listen to his Testimonial!  

Thank You Clarence!  By the way, if you need internet marketing, this is the man to see!

  - Here are some pictures how clean a carpet can get using my truck mount equipment & chemicals (Pictures)

  - The amazing difference that professional upholstery cleaning can make (Picture)

  - Tulsa, Ok 

 This client was strongly considering getting rid of his carpeting, but the carpet came out so clean that he decided to keep it a few more years. If you look closely, his left foot is on the area I cleaned and his right foot is near the dirty area where the hoses are.  I took this picture so you can see a before and after effect.  This saved the client thousands of dollars in replacement costs and I gained a new long term customer. This

- Chouteau, OK

               This client was truly amazed at the difference professional carpet cleaning could make with her dining room carpet.   The client wisely invested in carpet protection before any permanent stains got in the carpet fibers.  With a house full of kids, you just never know what’s going to happen next.

- Tulsa, Ok 

                Picture 1- The loveseat to the left has been cleaned.  The couch to the right has not been cleaned  yet.  Both were manufactured with the same upholstery and have the same colors. You can see the obvious differences between both now. Once the love seat completely dries (couple of hours), the color will lighten up evenly.

                Picture 2- Couch backing after being cleaned. 

                Picture 3- Front of couch after being thoroughly cleaned, brushed, and protected. Protection does costs extra, but is highly recommended, esp. with children and pets.

                Picture 4- One very happy client now.  Her husband took just as much interest in getting the furniture cleaned as she did and he too was very happy with the work.

- Tulsa, OK

                This client was a bit discouraged because the previous carpet cleaning company had come in and did not do a very good job, but made up excuses and over charged her for their work.  After seeing the difference between the dirty and the clean area, she brought her neighbor over to show her how clean the carpet could really get.  Her neighbor looked at my handy work and asked for my business card.   The word is out in the neighborhood now.

- Broken Arrow, Ok      Tile Work

                 This client owns a lot of properties around the Tulsa area and wants them to look very well kept up for his new rental clientele moving in.  One of his concerns was that the kitchen, washer, and bathroom tiled areas looked really dirty after the last tenants had moved out and was wondering how clean I could get the tile & grout for his new tenants.  Here are before and after pictures showing the results of this marvelous tile cleaning process I use.  It took about an hour to get the kitchen and two bathrooms done.  The pictures are of the kitchen and washer areas.  Needless to say, he was very pleased with the results of this work and said he will definitely be calling me again. You cannot achieve these same results with a bush and a bucket, scrubbing for hours.  Get results you can be proud of in a couple of hours.  Throw away the knee pads, the mop, and the scrubbing gear and give me a call today.

- Tulsa, Ok   Carpet Cleaning-  MUST SEE VIDEO!!

                 This client was considering getting rid of his carpet because of its condition. He was hoping to just get it a little cleaner for some company coming over.  To his surprise, the carpet came out beautiful.  He was so impressed with the cleaning power of the chemicals, truck mount, and the quality of the work, he got out his iPhone and started taking pictures and a movie video, so I could put them on my website for visitors to see.  He wants to keep his carpet now that its been professionally cleaned and deodorized.  Seeing is believing:  (Pictures)  (Video).

- Tulsa, Ok   Commercial Facility Looks Great Again

                 This client is a Church in Tulsa that needed to have their carpets cleaned for a long time. Their carpets were very dirty in the Youth Fellowship Area and the Meals on Wheels room.  I did not take any before shots of these area, but trust me when I say, they needed cleaning.  The pictures shown are taken about 18 hours after they were cleaned.   As you can see, the carpets are dry and the staff are busy putting the furniture back in place for the next event.  The staff did not expect for the carpets to get this clean and were quite frankly amazed.

- Bixby, Ok   Tile Cleaning job a big success!

                    This client has a tiled kitchen, bathroom, and utility room they wanted professionally cleaned, so they gave me a call.  I came over and went to work on their tiled flooring and here are the results.  They were very pleased with the work done and even offered to help promote my services by sending this video, so viewers can see the cleaning results for themselves.  Video is a 14 MB Mpg file, so give it a little time to download.

- Jenks, Ok    Emergency Water Clean Up

                   These clients were in a pickle when they discovered that the A/C condensation drain got clogged up and water had flooded into the bedroom from the garage area and was making its way into the rest of the house.  They called me and I came over and got this problem resolved for them.  They were so relieved that this unexpected flooding was cleaned up so quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

-Sapulpa, OK    Dining Room Chairs Made Completely New Again!

                     This lovely couple has their hands full raising children and needless to say that the furniture  will get dirty no matter how hard they try to keep it clean, but don’t assume that because it gets dirty, that it should be tossed out.  They were amazed at the results.  


Tulsa, OK    Condo Carpet Restored With Heavy Duty Cleaning!!

  This condo owner had a renter that moved out and left the heavy traffic areas in his hallway.  He was debating on having the carpets replaced or getting them cleaned? So he called me about it and I went over to check it out. I told them that that can be cleaned, but it would need a heavy duty cleaning, using a brush head, at $35 per 150 sq feet. Afterwards, he was glad he decided to save himself the cost of getting new carpet put in. Just look at the results!

Tulsa, OK     House Owner Is Furious At Renters and Wants Filthy Carpets Cleaned Right Away!

Renters had lived in this house for a couple of years and had pit bulls tearing up the place as well as children and a lot of foot traffic. Unfortunately, the carpet bore the brunt of it all, leaving the owner furious about the mess they left behind. So, the owner called QACC up and and was wondering if carpet could be even be salvaged?  We used the Rotovac 360i along with a brush head to give carpet heavy duty cleaning job.  Just LOOK at the difference it made on their nearly disposed of carpet.

Broken Arrow, OK   

      Poor Hubby Has To Contend With Out of Control Pets!

Home owner was considering getting rid of carpet, but decided to wait a bit longer so he can save up.  In the meanwhile, he calls me wondering if I can get his carpet cleaned.  He forewarned me over the phone what I would behold and sure enough, take a look for yourself before and after cleaning. 

Tulsa, OK

     This Large Family Was In Need of A Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning!!

I had done some work for the lady of the house back in 2009 when she lived in an apartment.  Soon after, they moved into a 4 bedroom house and after a couple of years, she struggled to remember that guy that did a great job for her back in 2009.  After making some phone calls, she remembered it was Quality Assurance Carpet Care and so she called and had me out to her house to work more miracles on their carpet.

Broken Arrow, OK

     Sherwin Williams Needed Heavy Duty Cleaning & Got It!

This retail outlet in BA had some pretty tough dirt and grease stains on the carpet and needed a heavy duty cleaning to continue impressing their customers.  They called QACC out and we got the job done right.  Look for yourself before and after pictures.